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Spick n Clean® Products are Specialty Lubricants & Release Agents, very effective in Asphalt, Mining, Concrete and other applications. We are uniquely positioned to help solve some of the biggest challenges – In non-stick, never-stick, release agent world. Our market driven products – tackle unprecedented challenges in construction, asphalt roads & ore build-up in the mining industry. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by focusing on unrivalled service, personal approach and our knowledge driven attitude.

Spick n Clean™ is working with customers, state governments & municipal councils – to discover solutions to today’s toughest challenges.

We @ Spick n Clean™ : big enough to supply the world and small enough to stay personal.

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Asphalt Release Agents

Releases the toughest asphalt sticky-mix designs like rubber, poly modified, SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) etc.

Delivers superior results with minimal if any asphalt residue remaining on the truck beds, regardless of the type of asphalt used.

  • FORTKNOX™ - SBS Asphalt Release Agent
  • PAVERTREND™ - Paving Machine Release Agent
  • DRAGCHAIN™ - Slat Chain Lubricant & Cleaner
  • D-TAR™ - Bitumen & Asphalt Remover
  • BITUD’SOLV™ - Bitumen, Asphalt, Tar & Oil Sludge Dissolver

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Concrete Mould / Form Release Agents

Effective, economical, and environmentally friendly release agents for Concrete moulds/forms. Applied as a clear coating to concrete moulds/forms and allows concrete to be easily released from moulds / forms. Provides superior results with no recorded breakage, no discoloration, no residue left in moulds, and a better 'drop' rate

  • CX-9™ Concrete Forms / Mould Release Agent
  • SLICK WILLEY™ - Concrete Pumps Release Agent
  • CHERRY BLOSSOM™ - Brightens, Protects & Non-Stick Agent..
  • BLUE CIRCLE – Cement, Lime, Mineral & Scale Remover

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Mining Release Agents

OreX™ is the non-stick agent for ore build up in mining, transport and equipment, eliminates Dead-bed or Carry-Back.

Dead-bed is ore build up on mining equipment which prevents equipment performing at full capacity.

OreX™ is able to eliminate dead-bed when sprayed onto equipment surfaces by creating a non-stick film. The biggest payback for the product comes from applying it in haul truck beds to allow trucks to dump out a full load of fresh ore each time.

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Specialty Lubricants

  • HYDRAULIQ 32, 46 & 68 : Hydraulic Oil in Various Viscosities.
  • FMO Oil : Food Grade Slitter Scores Machines
  • METAL’UBE™ Metalworking Lubricant : 
    Cutting, Grinding, Sawing, Deep Drawing, Broaching & Fine Blanking.
  • PENTAGON : Fire Arm Cleaner & Lubricant
  • QUO-VADIS PLUS (+) : Heat Transfer Oil

    InfoSheets on all applications are available from Spick n Clean® at your request.

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World Class Release Agents


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Australia made

Simply look for the famous green and gold Australian Made...

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Say no to Diesel

Don’t use kerosene or diesel fuel as an asphalt release...

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Study on Asphalt Exposure

Methods for determining effects of asphalt fumes on paving &...

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