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Spick n Clean® Products are Specialty Lubricants & Release Agents, very effective in Asphalt, Mining, Concrete and other applications. All our Release Agents are proprietary BioGreen Surfactant formulations, act as performance additives that work together to provide unique functionality.

These Specialty Lubricants & Release Agents are highly effective if applied as an ultra thin film resulting in easy removal of forms, clean moulds, nearly no bug-holes, stains or dusting, and a significant savings in your cost of release agent. To facilitate application of ultra-thin film of release agents we also supply spraying equipment and nozzles for effective application of our Release Agents which guarantee complete satisfaction. All Spick n Clean® products are formulated in a way which is environmentally responsible, protects health and safety of workers, worker friendly and reduce the risk of chemical and environmental damage.

The objective of our website is to introduce you to our exclusive brands of specialty release agents and lubricants, to help you evaluate and choose the right product for your specific applications. Since the information is exhaustive and propitiatory in nature we could not place all the available information on this website but we could place only limited information. Please call us or send an email so that we can discuss your specific application needs and requirements and send additional information and samples for trial.

Info sheets on all applications are available from Spick n Clean® at your request.

Release Agents In Asphalt

Release Agents in Asphalt Applications

FORTKNOX™ has successfully released the toughest asphalt sticky-mix designs like rubber, poly modified, SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene). Regardless of the type of asphalt used, FORTKNOX™ delivers superior results.. Read more..

Release Agents In Mining

Release Agents In Mining

OreX™ Non-Stick agent for ore buildup in mining, transport and equipment. The Australian Mining Wanderer, Dead-bed (Carry-back) is ore buildup on mining equipment which prevents equipment performing at full capacity.. Read more..

Release Agents In Concrete

Release Agents in Concrete Applications

CX-9™ Concrete Forms / Mold Release Agent was brought to market in response to the concrete industry's need for an effective, economical, and environmentally friendly release agent. CX-9™ is applied as a clear coating to concrete molds.. Read more..


Spick n Clean release agents are a blend of naturally occurring BioGreen material, tested.. . Read more..

Australian Made

Spick n Clean Products Pty Ltd is registered with Australian Made, Australian Grown... Read more..